About Us


Warrior B.E.A.R.S. partners with children’s advocacy centers and agencies, victim assistance groups, state and local law enforcement agencies, school districts and other groups and individuals to raise awareness of the prevalence of child abuse and neglect within our community. These alliances allow us to reach more families and children that may need our support and assistance.

The organization receives recommendations and referrals of the parents or legal guardians of a youth in need of our support through these agencies.

Once the parent or guardian contacts us and the determination is made that Warrior B.E.A.R.S. is able to lend our support to the family and offer the youth guidance and protection, the child is “adopted” into our family as a “Warrior Cub”. Two members of the organization are designated as the primary mentor and contact for the Cub and family.

Warrior B.E.A.R.S. are child advocates; members, including patched, auxiliary, prospective and support members, do not under any circumstances serve or represent the Warrior B.E.A.R.S. organization in any of the following ways: members are not trained social workers or counselors and are not in the position to provide such services under the organization; members will not provide or offer legal counsel or services for the organization; the organization nor its members will be obligated to pay for legal fees, costs and/or household, medical bills for families or children.

Members have a common goal to support our mission and vision statements:

“Helping youth through the hardships of abuse, torment, and bullying by being a model of integrity, guidance and protection, and by building bonds that heal and break the cycle of abuse.”

“Helping Victims Become Survivors.”

Being a victim of child abuse, child neglect and child bullying is traumatic and often the victims are left to cope with feelings of terror, grief, anger, depression, guilt and confusion, while the families struggle as well. Navigating such tedious aspects like emergency care, scheduling follow up interviews, navigating the justice system, finding legal representation and finding support and help for mental and emotional problems for after the crime can send a victim and the family into a tail spin, while we may not be able to offer these services, we can offer referrals and more than anything, we have experience in being the shoulder to lean on during this time for the child or teen. We will show them that they are not alone, they have a voice. We listen while they talk.

Members of the organization are offered many educational opportunities to expand on their knowledge of being a youth mentor. Any members who are primaries to any Warrior Cubs have received a participation certificate for the Darkness to Light Steward of Children(R) workshop which teaches adults how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.

These educational opportunities allow our members to bring forth that knowledge to our community at awareness events by educating the public about the prevention of child sexual abuse, other forms of abuse, and mandated reporting.


Children are suffering all around us and it is up to us to defend them and give them a voice. You can help by keeping yourself and those around you informed of the issues. It’s the first step in understanding and making a difference in your community.

The key facts about child abuse and maltreatment:

  • Every year more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States involving more than 6 million children; a report can include multiple children.
  • The United States has one of the worst records among industrialized nations – losing on average between 4 to 7 children every day to child abuse and neglect.*
  • For one year of new child abuse cases, lifetime estimates of lost worker productivity, health care costs, child welfare expenditures and criminal justice expenditures added up to 124 billion.*
  • A report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds.
  • The long term financial impact of abuse and neglect is staggering.
  • Yearly referrals to state child protective services involve approximately 6.3 million children and approximately 3 million of those children are subject to an investigative report.*
  • Children who experience child abuse and neglect are about 9 times more likely to become involved in criminal activity.*
  • On average more than 70% of the children who die as a result of child abuse or neglect are two years of age or younger.
  • More than 80% were not yet old enough for Kindergarten.
  • Around 80% of child maltreatment fatalities involve at least one parent as perpetrator.*
  • 92% of all reports cite that the perpetrator was known to the family. *Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention


Even if you don’t have a motorcycle and don’t ride, you can still participate! There’s no better way to make an impact on our communities’ youth than to become an active advocate yourself! One of the many reasons we are child advocates is because we care about the safety of the children and families within our communities. We want to help ensure that local, state and federal policy makers adapt, implement and maintain important laws, policies, and programs that support child abuse victim awareness and support.

Warrior B.E.A.R.S. members are 100% volunteers – we are not paid for what we do. We are family….and our own families participate in the organization too.

All members must pass a Washington State Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry history check through DSHS and a National Criminal history background check, be at least 18 years of age or older and must abide by the organization’s Bylaws and Code of Conduct while representing Warrior B.E.A.R.S.

There are four levels of membership: Patch Member, Auxiliary Member, Prospective Member & Support Member. (each level has specific qualifications and requirements; for more information, please contact us at info@thewarriorbears.com or ask a Member)

If you don’t have the time to contribute, perhaps you would make a charitable donation to the organization and our mission. With your assistance we are able to offer the children and youth in our program the guidance and protection that will help them heal and break the cycle of abuse they have endured. Our organization is able to educate the public about all forms of abuse against youth, including how to recognize and how to properly report the abuse.

The Warrior B.E.A.R.S. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and Washington State non-profit charitable organization. Donors may deduct contributions as provided in IRC 170(c) of the U.S. Tax Code. 

We truly appreciate your support in helping us fulfill our mission and vision.